Saturday, July 30, 2011

Let the Hunt begin!!

Today I started looking for an apartment. I know its a bit late to be looking but I feel I can't truly get an idea of where we want to live until we get there. Therefore I know we wont have a place to live when we arrive. The university that my boyfriend is going to be getting his MA at said they are looking for an apartment for us, which I think is amazing. I couldn't do this without their help so thanks to all who are on the housing team!! 

Having lived in Europe before, I understand that there is a very small amount of space available in old buildings. If we end up with an apt. that’s larger than an average sized US living room I will be ecstatic. Once we arrive in Dubrovnik we will probably stay in what’s called a soba. Theses are rented rooms like a B&B. Unlike a B&B thought they don't all come with breakfast and are not separate from the hosts’ house. Ether way it’s going to be and adventure!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

 I'm moving with my boyfriend Zack and we just purchased our tickets!!!

The Beginning

I'm moving to Dubrovnik Croatia the first week of September. Born in Chicago I lived most of my childhood traveling to, and living in, other countries with my mother. This will be my first time living in a Slavic country and am very excited. My intent is to wright about what I learn about the Croatian culture, language & history here on this Blog. Some random items may be added just for the fun of it ;)