Monday, November 21, 2011

Shout Out!!

Because I mentioned that Dubrovnik was unseasonably warm, here is a shout out to Ray!


So we have been super busy for the last two weeks. My friend Maggie came to visit us on the 6th which was so much fun. She had to sleep in our breakfast nook which is pretty comfy but right in the kitchen. This meant she was woken up every morning by the sound of either breakfast being made or hot water for coffee/tea (looking back that doesn’t sound to bad). We got to do all the touristy things I wasn’t aloud to when we first got here. This meant souvenir shopping, looking at horrible little chachkies and admiring over priced olive oil. We also did almost every historical sight/museum in the old town. There will be whole posts about the things we saw. Mags and I made a new friend Sujin. She was a guest lecturer at DIU (Dubrovnik International University) currently getting her PhD at Harvard. We did the apothecary and wall tour with her and had lots of ice cream. We had this massive Halloween party really late (November 12th) because actual Halloween was a 5-day weekend and no one was here. Plus because this is a catholic country Halloween is a day to remember the dead, not get candy. The day Mags left (Sujin left the day before) our friend Tiona came, she teaches/works at DIU while getting her PhD at Harvard (that’s how we got Sujin to guest lecture). We had her over for dinner and I made an apple/pear tart that was gone before any pictures could be taken. Basically it’s been one event after another for two weeks straight. On a good note I managed to plan our entire January. We will be in Jordan with my parents from the 6th till the 13th and then we head for Zagreb. Next up are Ljubljana and the three bridges then on to Budapest and its opera house where we will end our trip before coming back to Dubrovnik. One full month of travel and I can’t wait.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Dubrovnik from my balcony





We’ve had 3 storms since we moved here. The cool thing about being up on a hill that overlooks the water is that we can watch the storms move. The clouds are easy to see no matter where you are but when you look out over the water you can see exactly where it’s raining. The amazing thing is there is never a light drizzle or a steady slow stream. All you get is a sheet of water that blankets every thing, blocking out even Lokrum, which is a huge island that’s only a 5min kayak away. The worst one we had so far was October 13th in which there were torrential downpours, hail and quite a lot of thunder and lightning. The lightning actually struck part of the monastery and because there where no surge protectors the computers, phones and Internet where out for 4-5 days. Here are some of the storms we had and the pictures I took. The best was the one during sunset so the rain is golden orange and you can see it really well.

October 13th that grayish blob to the left is a huge island

 This is Old Town and the harbor.

 Which usually looks like this...

October 8th A rain storm at sunset.

Sometimes the rains get so bad that the stairs turn into waterfalls, the streets look like rivers and if your not careful you can get washed away. Don’t believe me here watch this.

That was the Stradun, my grocery store and bakery (the building with the umbrella lady gets washed into), but I think the nun was a nice touch. P.S. She’s standing at Ploče gate and looking at the street I wave to walk across to get home.