Sunday, April 29, 2012

I'm Back!!!

Hey everyone!!! I'm sorry I was gone for so long. I have had the unique experience of being computer-less for almost 4 months. During my travels in January I left my computer in the Turkish airport. Luckily I was staying in Istanbul for a day between flights and I was able to get it back. A week later I had left Zagreb (Croatia) and was enjoying Ljubljana (Slovenia). My computer thought it would be fun to melt down and show me the gray screen of death. Sooo all of my pictures before the trip have been erased but luckily all of January was safe on my camera!!! Quite a lot has happened and now I can finally fill you all in on the various details.

Mum was visiting for 10 days and brought with her my brand new MacBook Pro!!!! It was so much fun to have you Mum and thank you sooooo much for for all my new presents (I got an external hard drive and other gadgets).