Monday, September 17, 2012

Back again!

Hey all sorry I keep missing months of posts. I've been a very busy bee!! I spent the whole of June in Italy with my boyfriend Zack. We went to Rome, Tuoro sul Trasimeno, Florence, Siena, Milan and Turin. The first two weeks of July was spent with my family in Apt France and then back to DC for the last bit of summer. We spent 4 days in NYC seeing family and getting my visa, then I headed back to DC while Zack went to Brockport NY to see his family. I flew up to see them all and we had the best Buffalo wings ever (in Buffalo at Duffs). Then on to the Dunes, my families summer house in Dune Acres, Indiana. Zack and I spent the weekend in Chicago doing touristy stuff as he had never been there before. We saw lots of my friends and had a blast. I'll upload pictures eventually but I'm still a but busy.

Why you ask?

I just arrived in Bradford, West Yorkshire England 6 days ago. I'm getting my undergraduate degree in Archaeology at The University of Bradford and classes start next week!!! I'm soooo excited!!! Zack was amazing and dropped me off at school. He spent 4 days with me hiding in my room as I live with 3 really religious girls from Oman. They didn't know he was here and I'm hopping they never find my blog because they would be pissed! I was thinking of deleting this bit but I thought you would find it funny picturing him tiptoeing down the hall to get a piece of pizza. I had to put him on the train today as he is going back to Croatia. He'll be writing his Master's thesis this semester back in Dubrovnik. I'll miss him like crazy but I'm determined to work hard in my classes and make friends so the time wont seem so long. This will be a very new experience for me as English universities work in a completely different way to US ones. I'm still an Expat so I'll keep you posted on all of the strange things that happen here in the north of England.